on Monday, September 5, 2022, the Supreme Court will make an eagerly awaited ruling on the presidential petition. It is widely expected that they will either nullify the Presidential election, or uphold William Ruto’s election. Can they in fact, find a middle ground or a third option? Solomonic wisdom should fuel whatever decision they make. Actually, let’s call it Koomenic wisdom. According to the Urban Dictionary, the name Koome means wisdom. What a beautiful coincidence!

Thousands of years ago, Solomonic wisdom saved a baby’s life when King Solomon identified the baby’s real mother. He was able to identify authentic maternal instincts in one of the two feuding women when she preferred to give up her baby instead of the baby being sliced into two.

On Thursday 1st September while appearing before the Supreme Court Justices, lawyer Kioko Kilikumi asserted that the petitioner, Raila Odinga, was like the evil mother because he wanted the presidential elections to be nullified unless he was awarded victory. He pointed out that in this particular Presidential case, his client William Ruto was the real father.

Later on, Justice Smokin Wanjala implicitly suggested to Mr. Kilukumi that if indeed his client was akin to the real mother in the Solomonic case, then maybe he should act accordingly. The implicit, tongue in cheek suggestion was that Kilukumi’s client should be willing to let go of his electoral victory.

While neither the Petitioner Raila Odinga, nor the respondent William Ruto is expected to give up their respective claims to victory in order to prove a point, the real mother’s selfless spirit must be considered. The leader who will exhibit selflessness and parental responsibility must be celebrated as a true leader.

The Kenyan electorate constitutes the baby in question. This electorate is representative of 50 million Kenyans. An unsound, unwise judgement can easily tear this nation into two.

In the current electoral process and the just concluded Supreme Court proceedings, IEBC is like a nanny to the Kenyan electorate. They are the ones who have either mishandled or taken good care of the electorate. Tomorrow’s Supreme Court decision must clearly spotlight IEBC’s role.

All great nannies usually become surrogate mothers to the children under their care. Similarly, an IEBC that runs on integrity and transparency will mother Kenya into a world-class democracy devoid of trust deficiency. Kenyans will readily trust such an IEBC to print ballot papers locally because after all, we print our own money at De La Rue located in Mathare North.

As for the Supreme Court, it is standing in King Solomon’s shoes. Just like him, it must administer a Koomenic wisdom that is deep-rooted in three powerful pillars.

Firstly, tomorrow’s decision must engender public confidence in the rule of law and democratic principles as espoused in our constitution and electoral laws. I am encouraged that in her closing remarks, the Chief Justice actually asked for prayers for them to reach a decision that would achieve this.

Secondly, tomorrow’s decision must expose and punish the deceptive spirit and actions embodied by the evil mother from Solomonic times. Electoral deception and malpractices are deeply harmful to our nation and must be rooted out in entirety.

Finally, tomorrow’s decision must accelerate healing that will unify the country. In doing so, the decision must not only unearth the electoral mess, it must also take decisive preemptive steps towards ensuring that this mess doesn’t keep recurring in all electoral cycles.

Considering the above, let’s brave for a ‘Koomenic Ruling’ appreciating the fact that although democracy and rule of law is high-priced it is the foundation of a united country and thriving green economy. Think green, act green!

About the author:

Dr. Isaac Kalua Green is an Environmentalist and Entrepreneur.  A passionate Rural Development Practitioner and ardent entrepreneur in vast areas for over 30 years.

He is the Founder and Chairperson of Green Africa Foundation, an organization that was founded in the year 2000 that champions Sustainable Development in Africa.

He is a cherished Thought Leader, a Strategist on matters of Natural Capital, and a Columnist on Sustainable Development Goals.

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