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“The Green Thinking Action Party offers you a platform that gives you the opportunity to learn about and champion sustainable stewardship of our mother earth for future generations to come. Redistribution of power and resources is going to be key in ensuring that society and environment are valued in our political governance framework. This is a party for everyone, the young, the old, men and women. For the person who wants to fully exercise their right as a citizen of our beloved country Kenya.”

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MCA - Mutha Ward

After highlighting the Case of Martin Maithya with our Hon. Senator , A boy who fell from a tree while picking wild leaves (Mukauwu) for food from Ngaani area, mitaani. Today Rafiki responded to our cry by donating maize floor to needy families. I want to thank Senator Kiio foundation for the support. 

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G-Tap is a political party founded on green communitarianism and the principles of sustainability and green principles as the foundation, and “Green Thinking” as its primary philosophy. We believe that a Green Thinking Government is guided by a moral code that uses political power to guarantee constitutional, environmental and human rights to all citizens equally today, and protects the rights of generations yet to be born to take care of their concerns tomorrow.

G-Tap offers a New Deal for Kenya, a green political philosophy that is rooted in the principles of sustainability, inclusion and prosperity. The party stands for governance that not only values democracy but also freedom and human rights; environmental justice as it relates to economic power, access to natural resources, pollution load and exposure; a steady state economy where there is full employment with decent work and fair income; a world where all life is valued and respected.

We want to create a government that manifests directives of good governance and brings hope to the poor, youth and less fortunate in society through collective action inspired by green principles. This will then lead to a functional society which is environmentally conscious, self-reliant, people driven and compassionate, where there is equal access to all social economic opportunities. A life of tranquility and peace for all.

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